Webinar: How Treasury Prime’s Partner Marketplace Works for Fintechs, Banks,  Vendors

New partner marketplace accelerates the vendor integration process for customers
June 27, 2023
Product Marketplace webinar recap

Companies seeking to build a banking or financial app aim to add specific functionalities in order to support their use case, including card issuance, transaction monitoring, bank statement issuance, Know Your Customer (KYC), and much more. 

Fintechs commonly turn to outside partners to handle these tasks, and for good reason. Third-party tools save time and allow companies to focus on building the features and user experience that make their app unique. 

While working with the right partners can make the job easier, integrating with them can be its own endeavor. Fintechs and their bank partners have to identify and vet prospective vendors, then grapple with a potentially complex implementation. The implementation can be onerous for vendors, too.

Treasury Prime’s new Partner Marketplace expedites this process by bringing top product providers directly into the Treasury Prime embedded finance ecosystem. As a fully integrated member of the platform, our partners can turn on their products and services for Treasury Prime banks and companies quickly and at scale. That in turn accelerates the integration process for customers.

“We've got commercial standards and technical standards that enable Treasury Prime customers, whether they're banks or fintechs, to make use of these partner capabilities, quickly and in a streamlined way — without needing to do a separate integration or find a partner on their own,” says Kyle Costello, Treasury Prime Sr. Manager of Strategic Partnerships.

In a recent webinar hosted by Treasury Prime, Costello, and Sr. Product Manager Honor Flannery unpacked the intricacies of the marketplace and specifically its key tenets of “optimize and specialize” that represent the foundation of the Partner Marketplace. They covered how the marketplace benefits different stakeholders and the integration process. Here are some key highlights.

Watch the full webinar to learn more. 

Partner marketplace benefits for fintechs & banks

Ease of integration is as appealing to fintechs and banks as it is to vendors, but it’s not the only reason our customers will be drawn to the Partner Marketplace. Our Marketplace is a curated collection of high quality solution providers, aimed at addressing our customers’ needs. 

“We're looking for those best-in-class partners, rather than sheer quantity,” says Flannery.

We also vet our vendors in accordance with the due diligence standards of our bank and fintech partners, which creates an organic stamp of trust on Marketplace members. 

Who are Treasury Prime’s solutions partners

Here is a small sample of some of the partners in our Partner Marketplace, spanning categories including compliance, utilities, payments, and cards. Visit our Partner Marketplace directory to explore current marketplace partners. This partner marketplace is ever-growing and we will also consider customer requests for new partners.  

Here is a partial list of partners: 

  • Sardine is a behavior-based complete fraud, compliance & onboarding platform. Companies can activate features such as KYC, AML, sanctions, transaction monitoring, sign-up, & payment fraud.
  • Checkout.com is a full-stack payment solution provider - allowing users to process payments and payouts in real-time, anywhere around the world, using debit/credit cards, bank rails, or wallets.
  • Tag Systems offers premium physical cards and fulfillment services.
  • Marqeta is a modern card issuing platform that allows customers to create customized payment cards with more configurable and flexible payment experiences.

Marketplace benefits for vendors

Solutions providers selling to fintechs or banks have to reach their potential customers at the right moment, timing their connection with the potential customers’ search for a solution. 

“You've got to convince them, ‘Hey, this solution is the best solution by far.’” says Costello. “And once you convince them and make the sale, you've got to go take on this additional hurdle, which is this technical integration.”

The Partner Marketplace solves these challenges. We seek out vendors based on our customers' needs. That means that a vendor in our network can be confident they’ll reach a saturated audience that is actively seeking their solution. By integrating vendors directly into our system, we reduce the time it takes for them to integrate with fintechs from weeks to as little as a few days. 

Watch the full webinar to learn more about the Partner Marketplace. To learn more about Treasury Prime’s partners and how we can offer customized solutions, contact our team.

Wondering how embedded banking could help your business? Contact Treasury Prime — we have a true multi-bank network, the deepest bank core integrations, and extensive compliance experience. Read more about our $40 million Series C Funding and why Tearsheet named us the Best Banking as a Service company for the second year in a row. Talk to the best embedded finance team in the industry.

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