Card Issuance API: How Treasury Prime’s Partner Integrations Get Your App to Market Fast

From virtual and physical cards to digital wallets and debit card funding, build industry-leading features with third-party partners quickly
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December 19, 2022
cards issuance api

Cards are king. Debit cards are the most commonly used payment method in the U.S. And, with the cost of living rising, people are tracking their expenses more tightly to avoid overspending and debt. That's why debit cards outpaced credit cards as consumer's most preferred payment card last year. 

Aside from being a consumer favorite, cards offer fintechs streams of revenue including interchange and fees.

Treasury Prime is integrated with a top third-party issuer processor and card networks. Through our partnerships we can offer virtual, physical cards, plus digital wallets and debit card funding. We also have other integrations for Plaid authorization, bank statements, and checks.

Why is this important? A key aspect to the success of your app is the ability to provide wide functionality to meet various needs of your target users. Integrating embedded banking tools can help you provide added value to customers and increase product stickiness.

The quality of your embedded finance integrations heavily influences the quality of end user experience. Finding high-caliber vendors is crucial — yet it’s also challenging. Treasury Prime has built an extensive list of thoroughly vetted partners and do extensive due diligence to ensure our integrations meet the standards of our extensive bank network, while also fulfilling the needs and expectations of our fintech partners.

Because we’re already integrated with these partners, you can add their benefits to your app seamlessly through one API. Unlike other banking as a service (BaaS) providers, we will never restrict you to a single cookie cutter offering that doesn’t meet your individual needs. 

Here are some of our top integrations and their benefits. We are also constantly adding new vendors and can work with you to integrate with any vendors not already in our network. Our approach is all about flexibility. Read separately about our compliance vendors.

Want more insight into embedded banking products for B2B SaaS companies?  Download our ultimate guidebook.

All things card issuance: Marqeta, Mastercard, Visa, & more

With Treasury Prime, you can issue virtual, physical debit cards, and digital wallets. In collaboration with our partners, we also provide custom card design, printing, packaging, and shipping services. Here are our top partners in the card space, listed by use case.

Debit card issuing

Card networks

Some banks only work with Mastercard; some only work with Visa; and some work with both. Treasury Prime partners with both card networks, as well as a secondary network, Pulse (which is owned by Discover) to offer more options for fintechs and banks alike. 

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Benefits of both networks: Mastercard and Visa are the most widely accepted card networks by banks and merchants alike. 

Physical card printing

  • Arroweye & Tag Systems: Treasury Prime works with two card printing partners: Arroweye and Tag Systems. Both provide physical card production and fulfillment, including customization. Fintechs can leverage either option through Treasury Prime’s integration with Marqeta. Arroweye has a print on-demand model and is fast and economical. Tag has premium and personalization options including metal cards, recycled plastic cards, color or decorative edges and unique printing techniques with watermark or texture, or holographic printing.
  • Benefits: Options for fast and easyprinting with Arroweye, or premium high-end printing with Tag, integration with Marqeta for easier use

ATM access

  • All Point: All Point is a network of surcharge-free ATMs. Fintechs can set up All Point access through the Marqeta platform for an additional cost.
  • Benefits: Offer free ATM withdrawals across 55,000 ATMS in the U.S., making your card more competitive with major bank offerings

Digital wallets

Use of digital wallets is growing, and it’s only a matter of time before some people start using their phone as their primary payment method — even when shopping in person. Digital wallets store tokenized debit and credit cards, as well as prepaid cards, along with transit cards, car insurance information, event tickets, and even in some cases driver's licenses. Getting your card into users’ digital wallets increases likelihood that they will get top-of-wallet status and use it, especially if they make it their default card. 

  • Google Wallet: Enables your cards to be embedded in digital wallets on Android devices. 
  • Apple Pay: Enables your cards to be embedded in digital wallets on iOS devices.
  • Benefits: Access to the most popular digital wallets, plus Treasury Prime helps with the complex tokenization process

Debit card funding

Users typically fund bank accounts via ACH or wire transfer. While ACH is free, it’s the slowest option. While wire transfers are fast, they are the most expensive option. Treasury Prime supports both ACH and wire transfers. 

We also support a third option that falls between the two on both price and speed: Debit card funding. Funding an account via debit card is faster than ACH and cheaper than wire transfers.

  • is an acquiring payment processor. It enables end users to fund their fintech / Treasury Prime bank account with a debit card.
  • Benefit: Convenient for end users; not all competitors will have this option

Plaid: Aggregation & bank authorization

If you’ve connected your bank account to an app like Venmo, you’ve used Plaid. The company’s software enables apps to connect securely to users’ bank accounts. Plaid is popular in part because it’s easy for the end user, and only requires bank login credentials — rather than requiring someone to look up and enter their entire bank account and routing numbers. 

Treasury Prime partners with Plaid to extend multiple Plaid products to our fintech and bank partners. 

  • Plaid Exchange: Plaid Exchange provides infrastructure that enables your fintech or neobank to appear within other finance applications that use Plaid. That means your users will be able to find and connect their accounts on your platform to their accounts on other platforms such as Betterment and Intuit Mint. 
  • Plaid Auth: Plaid Auth offers instant and secure bank account verification using a processor token so that your users can send money from their accounts on your platform via payment apps that also use Plaid. Authorization occurs using a token generated by Plaid, ensuring your end user’s raw bank account and routing numbers don’t get exposed.
  • Benefits of Plaid integrations: Versatile, best-in-class infrastructure; secure connections; expand the ways users can interact with your platform

Checks and statements

Checks may not be the most innovative financial tool, but they are still common and widely accepted. Statements may be an afterthought, but they are an important feature of any app that leverages banking services. 

Remote check deposit: CheckAlt

As a fintech, you probably don’t have physical branches, and your partner bank may only have branches in a single state or region. That makes it critical that customers can do all their banking virtually — including depositing checks. 

  • CheckAlt: CheckAlt is an electronic check processing platform. It powers the "process this transaction data" part of remote check deposit, also referred to as mobile remote deposit capture. 
  • Benefits: Easy for customers to use,  allows them to deposit a check by taking its picture, without needing to deliver the physical check anywhere.

Paper check printing

Just as customers may need to deposit paper checks, they may also at times have to use them. Treasury Prime enables you to offer Bill Pay services where customers use your platform to mail out a physical check to a recipient. 

  • Lob: Lob is a direct mail platform built on a network of distributed printers. Primarily used to print paper checks within a Bill Pay transaction, but possible to leverage for bank account statements, among other things. Details here.

Bank Statements

Where there are bank accounts, there are bank statements. 

  • Abound: Abound powers the statement component of Treasury Prime bank accounts, including bank account statements and tax documents such as 1099 forms.
  • Benefit: One less thing to build on your own.

This is just a sampling of Treasury Prime’s vendor integrations. Check out our compliance and KYC partners in a separate blog, and are always adding new partners across the board. To learn more about Treasury Prime’s partners and how we can offer customized solutions for your needs, contact our team.

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