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Fintechs serving retail customers need to be able to track deposits and payments at scale. A fintech creating a new HSA needs to take deposits for multiple individuals at multiple companies and be able to disburse payments to a wide variety of businesses and healthcare organizations. A fintech serving companies with hourly workers needs to pay wages at the end of every shift by making account deposits or sending earnings to a worker’s debit card.


Working with Treasury Prime and a banking partner, a fintech can open either an FBO or multiple FDIC insured bank accounts, issue cards, and facilitate payments using wires, ACH, or bill pay.


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Connect with any payment rails

Book transfer
Bill pay
Mobile deposit capture

Card Issuing

Create a tailored card experience

Debit cards
Card controls
Branded plastic
Virtual & tokenized cards


Open FDIC insured accounts

On-core accounts
FBO + virtual accounts

Service Accounts

Manage account info & status

Check balances
Balance history
Transaction history
Bank statements
Lock and unlock


Building your neobank with Treasury Prime

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Open an FBO, multiple FBOs, or individual virtual accounts; you choose the model that works for your business

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