For Banks

Grow topline revenue with new fintech clients


Emerging fintechs need a banking partner and offer the possibility of topline revenue growth. How do you ensure that your business models are aligned? How do you provide the best experience to these new clients and their clients to drive growth for both of your businesses?


Treasury Prime delivers the technology and the fintech partnerships that drive deposits, increase transaction revenue, and build non-interest income without changing any systems or processes.


Everything you need to get started

Using Treasury Prime is 5x faster and cheaper than doing your own integration

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Connect with all your payment gateways

Book transfer
Bill pay
Mobile deposit capture
Debit card payments


Open new accounts on core and onboard new customers

White label UI
FBO + virtual accounts
Manual review workflows

Service Accounts

Manage existing accounts with the Treasury Prime API

Check balances
Balance history
Transaction history
Bank statements
Lock and unlock accounts

Back Office

Streamline your back office and compliance workflows

Bank Console
Developer Dashboard
Audit trail documentation
SOC 2 certified


Building your neobank with Treasury Prime

Profitable partnership

With Treasury Prime's technology and ecosystem bring in new clients that can drive deposits and build non-interest income

Accelerate your processes

By automating manual, time consuming, error-prone processes, we streamline your existing processes and give you the ability to accelerate them

No system changes

We have deep experience with standard bank systems like FIS, Fiserv, and Jack Henry, and we integrate with or wrap your existing systems so there are no issues with your long-term contracts

Maintain compliance

We work with your BSA and risk teams to enforce your governance and risk model

Why Treasury Prime

The partner & product you need

Experienced in banking

We come from the traditional banking world and understand banking processes and systems

Strategic partner

We bring you clients that fit your goals, so that you bank the clients you want to have

Fast integration

Go live in weeks—not months or years—with minimal internal involvement

Robust onboarding

Onboard accounts in 2 minutes instead of 2 weeks with thorough KYC/KYB and due diligence