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Fintech Commercial Banking

Fintechs serving commercial banking customers need to be able to move money at scale from a single account. For example, a fintech supporting a gig economy business needs to make daily payments to multiple workers, while a fintech supporting intermodal transportation needs to make payments to each company in the delivery chain as their delivery stage is completed.

Financial Solution

An FBO account that enables a single withdrawal to be distributed to multiple recipients and a customized ledger to track payments to each recipient. The fintech sends payment instructions to Treasury Prime, Treasury Prime disburses the payments so the fintech’s clients are paid in full in real-time.

Fintech Products

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Connect with any payment rails

Book transfer
Bill pay
Mobile deposit capture

Card Issuing

Create a tailored card experience

Debit cards
Card controls
Branded plastic
Virtual & tokenized cards


Open FDIC insured accounts

On-core accounts
FBO + virtual accounts

Service Accounts

Manage account info & status

Check balances
Balance history
Transaction history
Bank statements
Lock and unlock


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Treasury Prime's deep integration with commercial banking systems makes it simple to add new services like bill pay, cards, or remote deposit capture

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