Our Mission

We build API banking technology that improves the economics of banking to empower transformative financial services.

Our Business — Banking as a Service

Treasury Prime is modernizing the API banking and technology systems to deliver new value to everyone: consumers, businesses, financial technology companies, and banks.

Banking as a Service takes banking beyond banks. Fintechs are developing financial offerings to reach new markets and embedding banking services in their applications. Fintechs need a banking partner who can help them with the complexities of money transfer, risk mitigation, and access to a chartered bank’s infrastructure, so they can focus on what matters most: building their business. For banks, these relationships bring new opportunities and channels to grow topline revenue and lower the cost of deposits.

The Treasury Prime developer team has over 30 years of experience in the banking as a service industry. Our easy-to-use API provides the scale and security required for the most sensitive and demanding applications. Treasury Prime is fully integrated into core banking systems so developers can launch new offerings in days, not months or years. The Treasury Prime ecosystem connects banks with fintechs and ensures that each partnership is strategically aligned so that both businesses can grow together.

Our Leadership Team

With decades of experience building fintech startups and working in traditional banks and financial regulators like the FDIC, our executive team knows bank systems better than anyone. We understand what it takes to build and scale a fintech business, and we're here to help you do it.

Our Investors

We are fortunate to work with some of the best fintech investors in the world. Chances are you are already using the products they helped to create.

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