How Treasury Prime's New Partner Marketplace Helps Fintechs and Banks Grow Quickly and Safely

Companies can now onboard product partners for more embedded finance features - faster and more sustainably.
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Mark Vermeersch
Chief Platform Officer
May 31, 2023
Partner marketplace

Today’s economic and regulatory environment presents major challenges for both fintechs and banks. Everyone wants to grow, but increased scrutiny of the financial services space means that the careful reassessment of risks and rewards is crucial to your business strategy as you weigh next steps. Many businesses are slowing their growth in favor of moving more cautiously, and yet evolution waits for no one. Failing to move now gives competitors time to get ahead. To address these pain points, Treasury Prime has launched a new Partner Marketplace to allow companies and banks to advance their products in a way that is safe and sustainable.

Product and service

The Partner Marketplace allows us to bring top product providers directly into the Treasury Prime ecosystem. As a fully integrated member of the platform, partners can turn on their products and services for Treasury Prime banks and companies quickly, easily, and at scale.

To explore our Partner Marketplace members, visit our newly revamped partners page.

Get more embedded banking features faster

Many customers come to us looking for ancillary services — they want access to features that they can provide to their users — such as physical debit cards, remote deposit capture, or fintech fraud prevention — increasing the value of their product. The speed to market the Partner Marketplace provides enables companies to offer more features faster.

There are two aspects of a partner implementation: the partner’s implementation with Treasury Prime’s embedded banking software ecosystem and the partner’s integration with the customer (fintechs and embedded finance companies). The new Partner Marketplace standardizes the implementation process, allowing us to bring on best-in-class partners to fill in feature gaps that fall outside our realm of mastery — and to do so quickly. The marketplace is also designed to expedite implementation between partners and customers.

Partner Marketplace: speedy implementation, less risk

If a customer were to try to integrate directly to a partner, it would require a significant investment of time and resources. In contrast, integration through Treasury Prime’s partner marketplace is swift and systematic, minimizing the investment — and therefore the risk — for both parties. By decreasing the time, cost, and hassle of implementation, customers can protect their bottom line by efficiently enabling the features and services that move the needle for their end users.

Fairer pricing for partners

For partners, the Partner Marketplace provides a highly concentrated sales opportunity. We offer them a fast track to customer acquisition. The size of the opportunity provided by Treasury Prime allows us to negotiate preferred pricing; because there is more demand in our ecosystem than a single customer alone, we’re able to secure more favorable economics.

Symbiotic benefits for customers

The goal of the Treasury Prime platform is to create a system that can support banks and companies through all stages of growth. The Partner Marketplace further bolsters that idea. The entire slate of Treasury Prime products and product partners are designed to help our customers mitigate risk and focus on what they’re best at. Just leave the connections to us.

This newest launch works harmoniously with another recent launch, OneKey Banking, which allows a company to work across multiple interconnected banking relationships. With unlimited* banking partner opportunities and the potential to incrementally add the partners our customers need to our marketplace, we’re ideally positioned to help everyone in our ecosystem offer the strongest product suite possible. Treasury Prime is the solution you’ll never need to graduate from.

To explore our Partner Marketplace members, click here.

Please note: not all partner capabilities are available at all banks in our bank network.

Wondering how embedded banking could help your business? Contact Treasury Prime — we have a true multi-bank network, the deepest bank core integrations, and extensive compliance experience. Read more about our $40 million Series C Funding and why Tearsheet named us the Best Banking as a Service company for the second year in a row. Talk to the best embedded finance team in the industry.

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