Discover a new way to build investment platforms

A faster method for creating investment vehicles and conducting efficient capital calls. Open FDIC-insured bank accounts in seconds.

Simple collage illustration of an investment portfolio dashboard.Simple collage illustration of an investment portfolio dashboard.

Streamline SPV creation

Depiction of an investment from SPV creation to pooling investment funds, to funding the SPV, to funding the company being invested in.
Bank accounts in a snap

Instantly onboard and open FDIC-insured bank accounts for GPs, LPs, investment vehicles, and target companies. After passing KYC/KYB, customers can open multiple accounts without re-running KYC for 30 days.

Minimize manual intervention

Don’t lose another customer to cookie cutter onboarding flows. Work with your sponsor bank to build a custom account onboarding experience that minimizes manual reviews.

Frictionless account funding

Facilitate more investments by making it easy for investors to fund their accounts. Offer seamless ACH pulls with Plaid, debit card funding with Astra, or wire transfers.

Enable efficient
capital calls

Track funds in real time

Know exactly when funds are flowing in and out of investment vehicles. Direct integrations with bank cores and webhooks grant you complete visibility into the status of every payment.

Visual of an in-progress capital call for an investment business.
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“Our product integration with Treasury Prime allows us to reduce investor transaction fees while maintaining healthy margins.”
Will Kessler
Head of Product, Sydecar

Sydecar uses Treasury Prime to automate and improve the investing experience for fund managers and investors.

Sydecar is an investment and deal execution platform for venture investors, handling back-office operations and automating banking, compliance, contracts, and reporting so users can focus on making deals and building relationships.

Critical Products Used

Account Opening
Commercial Checking Accounts
Wires (domestic and international)


in transactions


investors on platform

Low fees

from specialized automation

Build commercial banking
that scales

Build your

Investment Platform

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