Financial services tools for fintechs and banks

We support the full account life cycle

Our end-to-end suite of APIs is the fastest way for banks and fintechs to connect, innovate, and launch in market. We provide developers with the APIs and tools they need to create seamless experiences for their users, commercial and consumers alike.

Open a new bank account

Get debit cards

Make payments & card transactions

Make deposits with remote deposit capture

Open Accounts

Seamless account onboarding

Open and manage commercial and retail accounts

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Treasury Prime bank account onboarding application interface screens on mobile and desktop

Account Opening

Start opening FDIC insured accounts immediately

Commercial & Retail Account Application UI

Fully-customizable account application flows

KYC & KYB Process Integrations

Screen your customers against global sanctions and watchlists

FBO Accounts

Open an FBO account in your company’s name then open accounts for your customers on the Treasury Prime ledger


Customizable FBO account ledger to track virtual accounts for all of your customers

Connect Accounts with Plaid

Use Plaid to connect with other financial institutions and fund accounts

Modern, reliable, and well documented bank API

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Connect with any payment rail

From ACH and wires to bill pay and remote deposit capture

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ACH Transfers

Run US transfers and scale your payments ecosystem

Wire Transfers

Customers can initiate a payment in hours not days

Bill Pay

Offer a fully-integrated bill pay experience with your branded customer experience

Book Transfers

Run transfers and scale your payments ecosystem

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Let your customers deposit checks directly through your app

Debit Card Payments

Enable secure debit card payments


Branded debit cards

Create a tailored debit card experience

Debit Card Issuing

Issue, distribute, and manage customizable, tokenized virtual and/or physical cards

Debit Card Payments

Enable secure debit card payments and new account funding

Treasury Prime debit cards with Apple Pay and Google Wallet support

Service Accounts

Real-time account management

FDIC insured direct deposit, savings, and custodial accounts

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Check Account Balances

Verify real-time account balances

Get Balance History

Access account balance records

View Transaction History

Access real-time and historical transaction activity

Manage Cards

Issue, distribute, activate, and deactivate cards

Generate Bank Statements

Create monthly statements for every account with transactions, balance changes, and accrued interest

Manage Account Info & Status

Edit account holder email and mailing addresses, close or lock accounts as needed


Manage risk and compliance at scale

Seamlessly enforce your bank's compliance and governance model


Customizable checks using Middesk, Alloy, LexisNexis, or your KYC provider of choice

Fraud Detection

Automated fraud detection and audit trails

SOC 2 Certification

Independent assessment and verification of Treasury Prime’s security and privacy processes and controls


Financial services tools for fintechs and banks

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Treasury Prime Bank Console and Developer Dashboard screens on desktop

Developer Dashboard

View live banking data, API keys, and more

Bank Console

Manage customers’ account applications, workflows, transactions, and more

Third-Party Integrations

Alloy, Middesk, and Plaid

Use Cases

Build your business on Treasury Prime


Get to market in weeks, not months or years

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Grow topline revenue with new fintech clients

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Commercial Fintechs

A seamless payments

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Retail Fintechs

Open accounts, issue cards, and facilitate payments

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