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Welcome YC cohort! Check out our resources & webinars with critical info you need to get your fintech app up and running with banking tools.
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Demo Day — Been there, done that, killed it

Treasury Prime CEO Chris Dean’s Tips to Get You Ready for Demo Day

Webinar — How to launch embedded financial services in time for YC Demo Day

Watch the whole webinar with Chris and the YC cohort

How this Y Combinator startup uses embedded banking to power its property investment platform.

Want to Invest in Real Estate with Friends and Family? Fractional Makes it Easy

Resources from the Treasury Prime Blog

Just embed it.

How embedded banking tools can drive revenue.

BaaS providers:

linking fintechs to banks.


debit, credit, disputes

Compliance is important.


Launching with Treasury Prime

From Sandbox to Production. Fast.

Step 1: Get API Keys

Start building in Sandbox

Create keys and start building with the API in our Developer Sandbox!
Start in Sandbox
Step 2: Match with a bank partner

Match with a bank partner

When you're ready, contact us and we'll match you with a bank partner who supports your unique needs.
Step 3: Move to production API environment

Move to production

Our customer success team walks you through everything you'll need to start opening real accounts, issuing cards, and more.
Step 4: Launch your product.

Launch your new product!

Introduce your great new financial products to the world.