H12023 in Review and Release Highlights

A highlight reel of the latest and greatest at Treasury Prime.
July 13, 2023
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With the first half of 2023 in the books, we wanted to take a minute to share some milestones and celebrate the major releases we shipped this year. But first — a big thank you to our customers, bank partners, investors, and team members. Here’s to an even stronger second half of 2023!

Enterprise-scale companies continue to choose to build embedded banking products with Treasury Prime because they know they can build innovative products and scale safely on our platform. With the largest number of bank partners in the industry, we offer the most comprehensive and flexible feature set on the market. Our white glove implementation team and dedicated customer success managers deliver the service customers expect when building best-in-class products. 

New banks continue to sign up to work with us because they know Treasury Prime puts banks in the driver’s seat when it comes to compliance. We never have, and never will offload compliance. 

Connecting companies and fintechs to banks is a difficult problem to solve, but we’re committed to doing it right. And it’s paying off — take a look at our progress below. 


  • Growth — deposits grew to over $1B (not including on-core), open accounts grew to over 835K, monthly gross processing volume increased to an average of over $4.3B for Q2
  • Bank partners — three new banks joined the Treasury Prime network
  • Funding — in March we announced our $40M series C led by BAM Elevate
  • Partnerships — we welcomed best-in-class partners Sardine, Cable, and Checkout.com to the Treasury Prime Partner Marketplace 

Release Highlights

OneKey Banking

After years of development, we released OneKey Banking, a breakthrough multibank solution that enables you to develop embedded banking products with multiple bank partners, manage deposits among banks, and diversify risk — all via a single, unified tech layer. 

OneKey Banking effectively unlocks the power of the Treasury Prime bank network, empowering customers to partner with multiple sponsor banks without the cumbersome experience of moving funds and reconciling between banks. Under the hood, you may be interacting with three banks, however you’ll have just one ledger to manage and end users will be able to initiate transactions as if they are only interacting with one bank. 

Read more about OneKey Banking

Enhanced FDIC Insurance

Shortly after the collapse of SVB, Treasury Prime, in collaboration with our bank partners, released our deposit sweeps product, Enhanced FDIC Deposit Insurance. Enhanced FDIC Insurance extends FDIC insurance from the industry-standard $250K to tens of millions of dollars for each end user account. 

Here’s how it works: account balances exceeding $250K are distributed across a deposit sweep network composed of FDIC-Insured banks. You can thus deliver convenience and peace of mind to your high growth and high deposit volume customers. 

Enhanced FDIC Insurance is available at participating Treasury Prime sponsor banks. The exact amount of FDIC Insurance will be determined by the deposit sweep network employed by the sponsor bank. 

Read more about Enhanced FDIC Insurance.

Partner Marketplace

The Treasury Prime Partner Marketplace allows us to bring top product providers directly into the Treasury Prime ecosystem, enabling certified partners to furnish their products and services for Treasury Prime banks and companies quickly, easily, and at scale.

To learn more about the Partner Marketplace and how it can benefit your organization, check out this blog post by Chief Platform Officer, Mark Vermeersch.

Premium Card Printing

We released premium card printing through our partnership with Tag Systems to give you more options when it comes to card design. Premium card printing enables you issue debit cards that closely match your brand identity and better differentiate your debit cards from competitors’. 

Premium card options include: 

  • Metal: card weight up to 16 grams, surpassing the weight of Chase Sapphire Reserve and the American Express Gold Card.
  • Recycled plastic
  • Color or decorative edges
  • Unique printing techniques: watermarks, textures, or holographic images

Contact your CSM to learn more about Premium Card Printing. 

Enterprise Compliance Toolkit in Dashboard

We made it easier than ever to remain up-to-date and compliant by making the Enterprise Compliance Toolkit available directly in the Developer Dashboard. In addition, we also refreshed the Toolkit. It now contains a new repository of compliance-focused guides, best practices, and other resources. 

Lastly, we made some of these documents available to the public: the Partner Due Diligence Checklist* and the Policies and Procedures Checklist. You can find these documents in the Sandbox Developer Dashboard. If you’re preparing to go through the due diligence or onboarding process, you don’t want to miss these resources! 

Learn more about the Enterprise Compliance Toolkit

*While the actual diligence requirements vary bank to bank, the reference guides create an overarching framework that companies can leverage as they look to launch or transition business to a new partner bank.

Visit our Product Roadmap to see what we're currently building and check our Changelog for newly released technical improvements and feature enhancements.

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