New in April: Enhanced FDIC Insurance, the Enterprise Compliance Toolkit, push-to-card, and more

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April 12, 2023
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This month we’re rolling out Enhanced FDIC Insurance and the updated Enterprise Compliance Toolkit to help you scale responsibly. We’re also introducing several highly requested features including push-to-card, check issuing in sandbox, account filtering, and more!

Lastly don’t miss upcoming and on-demand webinars about Enhanced FDIC Insurance, OneKey Banking, and creating a culture of regulatory compliance. 

Product updates

Enhanced FDIC Insurance

Treasury Prime, in collaboration with our bank partners, is pleased to announce the launch of our deposit sweeps product, Enhanced FDIC Deposit Insurance. Enhanced FDIC Insurance distributes funds across a deposit sweep network, thereby enabling you to offer FDIC insurance coverage up to tens of millions of dollars for all end-customer accounts. 

Enhanced FDIC Insurance arrives at the heels of our recently announced multibank product, Treasury Prime OneKey Banking, which enables companies to partner with multiple banks and can help establish redundancies and distribute risk among bank partners. Combined, deposit sweeps and OneKey Banking provide organizations managing large deposits a full suite of FDIC insurance maximization, redundancy, and business continuity planning tools.

Enhanced FDIC Insurance is live and available at multiple bank partners. Contact us to learn more. 

Enterprise Compliance Toolkit in Dashboard

We’re pleased to debut an enhanced Enterprise Compliance Toolkit, with a new repository of compliance-focused guides, best practices, and other resources available in the Treasury Prime Developer Dashboard. Understanding that regulatory compliance is a complex subject that touches many parts of an embedded banking business, we have created written reference guides to help contextualize how banking laws and regulations can impact the day to day operations of financial technology and embedded finance. The Enterprise Compliance Toolkit is designed to help you navigate the process of standing up a compliance program commensurate with your risk profile and to empower you to establish sound processes that correspond to the scope of your operations alongside your bank partners. 

Within the Enterprise Compliance Toolkit you will find comprehensive guides and resources based on proven best practices including: 

  • Partner Due Diligence Checklist*
  • Policies and Procedures Checklist*
  • Introduction to Regulation E and Cardholder Disputes
  • Cardholder Dispute Notification Templates
  • Cardholder Disputes FAQ
  • Consumer Disclosures and Marketing Best Practices
  • Treasury Prime’s Risk Assessment Approach
  • ACH Disputes

Rooted in Treasury Prime’s strong banking heritage, these resources are aimed to help both early stage and established organizations more seamlessly operationalize traditional regulatory requirements as it relates to products and services offered through BaaS channels while identifying a framework for bank partners as they look to grow and oversee its respective fintech portfolio. In an effort to smooth the onboarding process, we’ve made the Partner Due Diligence Checklist publicly available—you can access it through the Sandbox Developer Dashboard.

The complete Enterprise Compliance Toolkit is available to customers in the Developer Dashboard. 

*While the actual diligence requirements vary bank to bank, the reference guides create an overarching framework that companies can leverage as they look to launch or transition business to a new partner bank.


Push-to-card transactions enable funds to be sent, or "pushed" to eligible Treasury Prime card-based accounts. This unlocks popular P2P functionality such as receiving payments via platforms like Venmo and Cash App. Push-to-card can also be used for B2C transactions such as refunds in which businesses push payments to eligible Treasury Prime card holders.

With push-to-card, funds can arrive faster than with standard ACH transactions. This is because push-to-card transactions run on payment network rails and are processed like standard card purchases. Funds are received instantly upon authorization of the card transaction.

View account_id in the Transaction Object

We now surface the account_id field in the transaction object which enables you to view the ID of the account associated with any given transaction. To view the account ID associated with a transaction, make a GET call to /transaction/:id endpoint with a valid transaction ID. 

This update is available to ledger customers.

Example Request:

curl \

Example Response:

  "data": [
      "account_id": "acct_1029384756",
      "ach_id": "ach_1234567",
      "amount": "1975.00",
      "balance": "256147.27",
      "billpay_payment_id": null,
      "book_id": null,
      "card_id": null,
      "category": null,
      "check_id": null,
      "check_number": null,
      "date": "2017-11-27",
      "desc": "EXT-XFER Sq. Nbr.: 123456",
      "extended_timestamp": "2017-11-27T01:02:03Z",
      "fingerprint": "2k7vxetham4i1v3ceb5vs6",
      "id": "ttx_113333abcd",
      "incoming_wire": null,
      "issued_check_id": null,
      "related_transfer_ids": [],
      "summary": "ACME CORP VENDOR PMT",
      "trace_id": null,
      "type": "deposit",
      "type_source": null,
      "userdata": null,
      "wire": null,
      "wire_id": null

Check issuing in Sandbox

Check issuing is now supported in Sandbox so you can simulate the check issuing workflow before moving to production.

Check Issuing:

    "amount": "10.05",
    "bank_id": "bank_treasuryprime",
    "account_id": "acct_11grng726hw0z4",
    "org_id": "org_1fc9c4m1qh0",
    "recipient": {
        "name": "George Washington",
        "address": {
            "street_line_1": "1600 Pennsylvania Ave.",
            "street_line_2": null,
            "city": "Washington",
            "state": "DC",
            "postal_code": "20003"
    "updated_at": "2022-01-14T04:18:36Z",
    "status": "pending",
    "id": "ch_11gy1ycw8aq9yb",
    "memo": "Memo message example",
    "check_number": null,
    "created_at": "2022-01-14T04:18:36Z",
    "message": "Message sample example",
    "userdata": null,
    "check_date": "2022-01-14T04:18:36Z"

Filtering Accounts by Tags 

We’re pleased to announce you can now add tags to accounts, allowing you to create custom filterable categories. This highly requested feature enables you to add flexible categories for different product lines, user cohorts, marketing initiatives, and more! However you choose to tag accounts, you can use them to filter results from the account list endpoint. 

Some parameters to keep in mind:

  • Tags are search indexed on accounts
  • Tags must not contain a . character 
  • Maximum of 20 allowable tags per account
  • No character limit on tags
  • Spaces are not valid characters

Tags with a leading underscore (_*) are invalid

Example Request:


Example Response:

 "data": [
      "id": "acct_1029384756",
      "tags": ["internal", "marketing", "promo_2023"],
     "id": "acct_1024300003",
     "tags": ["marketing", "internal"],

On-Demand Webinars

Managing Risk with Enhanced FDIC Insurance

Recent bank failures have shined a light on the FDIC Deposit Insurance program, which was created in the aftermath of the Great Depression as a way to protect both consumers and restore credibility and legitimacy in the U.S. banking system. Almost a hundred years after its inception, FDIC insurance coverage is just as relevant now as it was in the 1930s. In our latest webinar, we discuss how Treasury Prime’s new product, Enhanced FDIC Insurance — which is offered in collaboration with partner banks — can extend FDIC Insurance from $250,000 to tens of millions, benefiting banks and fintechs alike.

Watch the webinar on demand.

Beyond the Checkbox: Creating a culture of compliance for company success

Compliance is vital to running a successful embedded banking business. In our latest webinar, compliance practitioners from a fintech company, a bank, and a modern compliance monitoring tool shared insights and best practices for not only establishing a robust compliance program, but also for incorporating compliance policies into all business practices.

Watch the webinar on demand.

Upcoming Webinars 

Introduction to OneKey Banking

One tech layer to diversify risk, develop banking products, power multibank relationships, and manage deposits 

April 25, 2023 at 11:30 a.m. PST/ 2:30 p.m. EST

What we’ll cover:

  • What is OneKey Banking
  • How to use OneKey to develop banking products with multiple bank partners
  • How to use OneKey to manage deposit growth
  • How to use OneKey to diversify risk and establish redundancies
  • Network Transfers, a proprietary method of funds movement 


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