Embedded Finance Trends: Treasury Prime Activate Conference Highlights

Video excerpts from embedded finance thought leaders at Treasury Prime’s User Conference during Money2020
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October 26, 2023
Activate video recap

The curtains have officially closed on Activate 2023, Treasury Prime’s user conference, and what an event it was! An impressive ensemble of industry leaders, fintech innovators, and banking experts came together to delve deep into the world of embedded finance, sharing a treasure trove of actionable takeaways. Throughout the conference, our esteemed speakers shared invaluable insights and best practices into banking as a service (BaaS) partnerships, embedded finance use cases, and the latest developments in the embedded finance landscape. 

In addition to the knowledge exchange, networking opportunities abounded, and new connections were forged among top industry professionals, which will no doubt lead to exciting collaborations in the future.  Here's a glimpse of what unfolded at Activate this year:

Here’s the best part — even if you missed the event in person, you can still catch all the action. All our panel discussions are now available on demand, absolutely free. Whether you were with us in person or from afar, Activate is a valuable resource that you can access at your convenience.

Here are the highlights with video clips:

Regulatory Landscape Crystal Ball

From the federal regulators’ latest guidance on bank fintech partnerships to proposed new capital requirements, the banking industry finds itself at the crossroads of significant regulatory changes. This panel brings together seasoned experts and practitioners from financial institutions to shed light on recent and upcoming regulations that are reshaping the way community banks operate, manage risks and serve their customers. Panelists include Klaros Group Partner and Co-Founder Adam Shapiro; Academy Bank Director of Fintech Partnerships David M Robinson; and Treasury Prime's Associate General Counsel & VP of Compliance Sheetal Parikh. 

To watch the full session on demand, click here:

Driving Innovation with Embedded Banking

Earlier this year, Treasury Prime released OneKey Banking, an interconnected multi-bank product. Leading fintechs and brands use OneKey Banking to develop products with multiple banks and add deposit capacity as their programs scale. Banks use OneKey Banking to gain access to the best fintech deals and secure low-cost deposits. OneKey Banking technology also enables banks to support only the part of the deal that aligns with their business objectives. During this fireside chat between Treasury Prime's VP of Banking, Jeff Nowicki, and FS Vector Principal Advisor, Ethan Singleton, the two explore how banks can best participate in big fintech deals, the compliance considerations and the due diligence process in a bank-fintech relationship.

To watch the full session on demand, click here:

BaaS & Regulatory Exams for Banks

Planning for a regulatory audit can be an anxiety-inducing thought experiment for banks that are new to the BaaS space. However, bank audits don't have to be scary. Selecting the right partners can ensure seamless audits and clear exams. Top executives from Bangor Savings Bank, Grasshopper Bank, and BankProv share insights on how banks can excel in regulatory audits when venturing into BaaS partnerships. These BaaS banks have completed or are planning for regulatory exams — learn about their experiences, top strategies, and how an audit at a BaaS bank differs from a standard audit. Topics discussed also include how BaaS banks deal with regulatory ambiguity and are positioning themselves for a compliant future.

To watch the full session on demand, click here:

How VCs Can Increase Portfolio Value by Leveraging Embedded Services

In recent years, the tech investment ecosystem has witnessed a profound transformation, with venture capitalists emphasizing sustainable revenue models, as opposed to a growth at all costs mindset. As a result, portfolio companies are increasingly striving to become successful platform companies that deliver exceptional value to customers and investors alike. One key avenue to achieve this goal is through the integration of embedded services. Discover how integrating embedded services can enhance the value of venture capitalists' portfolio companies, enabling them to evolve into platform businesses. Treasury Prime COO Remy Carole leads the discussion, joined by VCs Dan Kimerling, founder and managing partner of Deciens Group; Amias Gerety, partner at QED Investors; and Tint CEO Matheus Riolfi.

To watch the full session on demand, click here:

The Future of AI in Banking

AI is quickly becoming a buzzword across the banking and fintech industries, but what does it mean and how will it influence banking for decades to come? Both banks and fintechs are exploring the optimal ways to implement AI in their business operations. Treasury Prime Chief Platform Officer Mark Vermeersch, along with Sardine CEO Soups Ranjan, Cable CEO Natasha Vernier, and Unit21 CEO Trisha Kothari, discuss current AI applications and the future implications of this transformative technology.

To watch the full session on demand, click here:

Treasury Prime Product Roadmap

Our new VP of Product Ann Olinger dove into Treasury Prime’s major product releases, including the innovative OneKey Banking solution, and Enhanced FDIC Insurance. She also highlighted new platform offering such as international features, as well as powerful dashboard features and usability improvements. In addition, she discusses Treasury Prime’s roadmap for 2024, which includes instant payments including FedNow, 3D secure, new partners in our partner marketplace, and more. 

To watch the full session on demand, click here:

Wondering how embedded banking could help your company? Contact Treasury Prime — we have established fintech and embedded finance clients and extensive compliance experience. Read more about our $40 million Series C Funding and why Tearsheet named us the Best Banking as a Service company two years in a row. Talk to the best embedded finance team in the industry.

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