New in August: Enhanced FDIC Insurance Endpoint, Fintech Fraud Best Practices Guide and more

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August 10, 2023
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In this month’s product update we have some big news– we’re launching the Enhanced FDIC Insurance Endpoint! Also this month–we’re highlighting our newly-published Fintech Fraud Best Practices guide and a new digital wallet token management endpoint. 

Looking for more updates? Check out the Changelog.   

Product updates

Enhanced FDIC Insurance Endpoint

We are pleased to announce the Enhanced FDIC Insurance API endpoint is now live! The /deposit_sweep endpoint enables customers with the endpoint enabled to enroll accounts in the Enhanced FDIC Insurance through their sponsor bank. The endpoint also enables customers to update and retrieve information about accounts enrolled in Enhanced FDIC Insurance so they can track total enrolled funds.

Developed in collaboration with our bank partners, Enhanced FDIC Insurance is a deposit sweep product that enables you to offer tens of millions of dollars of FDIC insurance coverage for every end-user account in your program.

Whether you’re building a neobank for large corporations or a business management platform for SMBs, with Enhanced FDIC Insurance you can grant your customers peace of mind that their funds are protected by FDIC Insurance. 

Enhanced FDIC Insurance is available to Treasury Prime ledger customers upon Bank approval. If you’re interested in offering Enhanced FDIC Insurance to your customers, review the docs, and reach out to your Account Manager to get started. 

Digital Wallet Token Management Endpoint

Introducing the Digital Wallet Token Management Endpoint. The new /digital_wallet_token endpoint enables you to retrieve details about tokens and makes it easier than ever to manage them. 

This update includes the following functionality: 

  • GET /digital_wallet_token — returns a list of all digital wallet tokens created. You can then filter them by card_id/token
  • GET /digital_wallet_token/:id — returns the details of a specific existing digital wallet token 
  • PATCH /digital_wallet_token/:id — updates the status of a specific digital wallet token

Fintech Fraud Best Practices Guide

We’re happy to announce we’ve published a new addition to the Enterprise Compliance Toolkit–the Fintech Fraud Best Practices guide. 

When your company participates in a tri-party relationship to offer banking products and services, as is the case when you enter a partnership with Treasury Prime and our bank partners, it is important to understand that your sponsor bank will often hold your company liable for any fraud or losses related to end customer transactions. It is therefore critical to understand and take preventative action against fraud. 

The Fintech Fraud Best Practices guide discusses three well-known types of business fraud: first party fraud, third party fraud, and force capture or overcapture fraud—along with strategies to prevent them and an overview of the tools Treasury Prime offers to help.

Fintech Fraud Best Practices is available to all in our docs as well as in both our Sandbox and production Developer Dashboard environments. Please note this is informational only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

Upcoming Webinars

How to Boost Card Usage And Top of Wallet Behavior

Strategies to build lasting revenue streams and customer loyalty

Launching a card program can be challenging. Once launched, how do you drive usage of your card over others in your customer’s wallet? In this discussion, we will walk through best practices from card program creation to post-launch that help create improved customer experiences and drive customer loyalty and card usage. 

August 30, 2023 10:00–10:30 am PT / 1:00–1:30pm EDT


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