Webinar: How to Boost Card Usage and Top of Wallet Behavior

Strategies to build lasting revenue streams and customer loyalty: an integrated approach to card program creation and post-launch success.
August 31, 2023
On-Demand Webinar: Strategy for card usage

John Cates, Treasury Prime’s Product Manager of Cards was joined by two experts from Marqeta — Katie Thigpen, Manager of Ecosystem Partnerships, and Lindsay Goldberg, Director of Corporate Marketing for a webinar about how to boost card usage and top of wallet behavior, of utmost importance when it comes to modern card issuing.

Your strategy for card usage and “top-of-wallet” behavior begins at the inception of your card program and lasts far beyond your initial launch. In this discussion, we explored tips and tricks from card program creation to post-launch that help create improved customer experiences and drive customer loyalty and card usage. This included walking through the different forms of cards, personalization, add-on features, digital card issuance, and account funding methods, as well as diving into different marketing tactics.


  • John Cates, Product Manager of Cards, Treasury Prime
  • Katie Thigpen, Manager of Ecosystem Partnerships, Marqeta
  • Moderating: Lindsay Goldberg, Director of Corporate Marketing, Marqeta

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