Strategies for Building Trust in Embedded Finance

How best-in-class fraud and compliance tools unlock the embedded finance opportunity.

With the regulatory environment quickly shifting and higher scrutiny over embedded finance programs, it’s of utmost importance to build trust amongst all stakeholders, including regulators, sponsor banks, and companies embedding banking into their platforms.

In this webinar, Simon Taylor, Sardine’s Head of Content & Strategy, moderated a panel with Sheetal Parikh, Treasury Prime’s Associate General Counsel & VP of Compliance, and Shawn Ghuman, Sardine’s BaaS and Enterprise Partnerships Executive. The discussion will include a wide range of topics focused on how to build trust in embedded finance partnerships:

  • Why a company would want to add financial services to their product
  • How the regulatory landscape has evolved and where it’s going
  • The challenges surrounding compliance for sponsor banks and the companies they support
  • The importance of operational resilience, oversight, and real-time fraud monitoring

Download this webinar today to learn more about how you can build trust amongst all stakeholders in embedded finance partnerships.