Is Your Fintech Ready to Innovate in Today's Regulatory Landscape?

Watch the on-demand webinar to stay ahead of all the regulatory changes impacting fintechs and banks

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Watch our on-demand webinar, featuring ​​David DeCarlo, Regulatory Innovation Officer at Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, moderated by Treasury Prime’s Associate General Counsel and VP of Compliance, Sheetal Parikh.

In this fireside chat, Parikh and DeCarlo discusses how BaaS regulation may be changing and the potential impacts on fintech compliance programs.

**The views of both Sheetal Parikh and David DeCarlo are their own, and not those of IDFPR or Treasury Prime. Mr. DeCarlo's participation in the webinar is informational only and does not represent an endorsement by IDFPR of Treasury Prime.  The contents of the webinar should not be construed as legal advice.