OneKey to Manage Concentration Risk in Embedded Banking

Drive new deposit growth while managing your diversification and concentration risks

Now more than ever, banks are under immense pressure to diversify revenue streams and innovate. In response to these challenges, Gartner predicts that 30% of banks with greater than $1 billion in assets will launch an embedded banking program by the end of 2024. However, not all embedded banking is made equal.

Most embedded banking platforms ask sponsor banks to support all features and take on potentially fast-growing clients. OneKey Banking enables banks to participate in embedded banking on their own terms. With OneKey, the industry’s first interconnected multibank network, sponsor banks are able to select the features they wish to support and may collaborate with other banks to serve clients.  

In this webinar we discuss how this novel approach to embedded banking not only vastly expands the realm of deals available to sponsor banks but enables diversification and concentration risk management.

Discussion topics:

  • OneKey Banking vs. other embedded banking platforms
  • OneKey Banking for product specialization
  • OneKey Banking for diversification and concentration risk management