Getting BaaS-Ready for Banks

Implementation insights from two banking experts at Bangor Savings Bank and FirstBank

Are you a financial institution looking for ways to unlock new revenue streams and low-cost deposits? As the banking landscape evolves, Banking as a Service (BaaS) has emerged as an industry-changing model, allowing banks to offer their services and infrastructure to non-bank brands and fintechs. 

View our webinar to learn how two members of our growing network of 15+ banks, Bangor Savings Bank and FirstBank, have approached it. Ryan Dumond, SVP of Emerging Payments Program Manager at Bangor Savings Bank was joined alongside Faith Owen, VP of Digital Banking and Innovations at FirstBank. The panel was moderated by Treasury Prime’s Technical Services Manager Tyra Vaughns. 

The discussion focused on several aspects of the banks’ experience with BaaS, including:

  • Why they decided to venture into BaaS
  • Insights and challenges from their implementation
  • How they choose which non-bank brands and fintechs to support
  • Their experience onboarding new clients


  • Ryan Dumond, SVP, Emerging Payments Program Manager, Bangor Savings Bank
  • Faith Owen, VP, Digital Banking and Innovations, FirstBank

Moderator: Tyra Vaughns, Technical Services Manager, Treasury Prime