Shielding Your Business: Cutting-Edge Fraud Protection for Business Debit Cards

Tools and strategies for embedded finance companies to limit and prevent card fraud.

Preventing card fraud has never been more important for embedded finance companies. As card spending continues to rise, so does card-related fraud: the Nilson Report found that U.S. fraud losses are expected to amount to $165 billion over the next 10 years. Since cards are a common offering of embedded finance programs, it’s imperative to leverage the latest technology and tactics to combat card-related fraud.

In a digital landscape where technology is ever-advancing, so too must the tools and strategies for  combating fraud. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing these innovations, businesses can better safeguard their financial interests and maintain the trust of their customers.

This card fraud guide will dive into issues embedded finance companies are facing, and how companies can prevent and address card fraud. Topics covered include:

  • Common types of card fraud
  • Methods for preventing and limiting card fraud
  • The importance of having the right fraud partners
  • How embedded banking software can simplify fraud prevention

Download the guide today and fortify your defenses against the evolving landscape of card fraud in embedded finance.