Since its inception in 2004, CheckAlt has been streamlining paper check processing for financial institutions, fintechs, and businesses. By employing innovative software and APIs, we seamlessly bridge the divide between digital and physical payments, simplifying transactions and improving service delivery across the financial landscape.





Next Gen Integrated Receivables

Our platform integrates physical and digital payment channels for a consolidated view of receivables, enhancing operational efficiency.

Multi-Channel Payment Solutions

Offering APIs, Remote Deposit Capture, Lockbox, Electronic Lockbox, and Electronic Bill Pay & Presentment services.

Paper Check Processing
Remote Deposit Capture
Lockbox Services
Electronic Lockbox
Electronic Bill Pay & Presentment
Integrated Receivables
User-Centric Platform
Custom Reporting
Efficient Exception Handling
Intuitive Design

Designed for AR teams by AR teams, our platform simplifies workflows, minimizes clicks and enhances the user experience.

Safer Paper Check Processing

Our remote deposit capture API offers real-time fraud protection for paper checks, providing advanced security and peace of mind.