Cable is an all-in-one financial crime effectiveness testing platform helping you grow faster with complete compliance confidence through 100% real-time monitoring for regulatory breaches or control failures across all accounts.





Instant Issue Identification

Avoid costly remediations through real-time detection of regulatory breaches or control failures for all accounts and end-to-end issue tracking and resolution in one platform.

Complete Fintech Oversight

One central hub for comprehensive fintech partner oversight enabling streamlined fintech onboarding, automated controls monitoring, easy document and information sharing, and efficient issue remediation channels.

Automated Assurance
Quality Assurance
Management Information & Reporting
Automated Risk Assessment
Partner Hub
Leading-Edge Automation

Save time and resources by automating manual risk assessment, oversight, and assurance processes, and unleash next-level insights with built-in data linkages across advanced compliance infrastructure.

Secure Stakeholder Trust

Show your compliance program effectiveness at any time to regulators and senior stakeholders and scale confidently with automated, comprehensive risk and controls analytics coverage.