Abound makes it easy for neobanks and fintechs to comply with the 1099-INT reporting requirement for any account that earns $10 or more in interest per year.





Determine who's reporting

Ask your TP contact if 1099-INT reporting is already handled by your partner bank. If not, Abound can help you handle this compliance directly.

Complimentary risk assessment

Abound will work with your compliance lead to determine readiness to submit complete and accurate 1099-INT filings to the IRS before the deadline.

Automate 1099-INT Compliance
TIN Verification
Ops dashboard
Modern API
Avoid Penalties
1099-INT submission

Quickly and easily submit 1099-INT information reports to the IRS and state tax authorities from a single workflow and API.

Corrections workflow

Any edge cases or incomplete information will be flagged on our dashboard for your team to review and solve, avoiding costly fines and penalties.