New in November: Check Issuing, Card Controls, Digital Wallets and More

We released support for check issuing, card controls, authorized users, card authorization loop and digital wallets. We also made improvements to transaction descriptions, transaction data visibility, and platform scalability.
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December 6, 2021
Treasury Prime - API Reference Documentation

Welcome to Treasury Prime’s monthly product update! Here are some of the new features and improvements we shipped last month, along with a peek of what we’re planning to release in the next few months.


Send physical checks via API

You can now send physical checks to customers in the United States using the Treasury Prime API. Once a check is issued out of a ledger account, funds to cover the payment are automatically withdrawn from the account to ensure that checks do not bounce. On the back end, we handle the check printing and mailing on your behalf, and your customers should expect to receive the check within 7 business days.

Upcoming improvements to check issuing:

  • Cancel checks via API
  • Set limits by count or dollar amount
  • Set triggers for manual review

Configure how debit cards are used

Card controls allow restrictions to be placed on specific card actions so you can control how, when, and where a debit card is used. We currently support two types of card controls: Merchant Controls and Velocity Controls.

  • Merchant Controls let you allow or disallow specific categories of merchants. If you want to offer a card for travel, you can use this feature to limit all card spending to vendors that match that merchant category code.
  • Velocity Controls let you configure amount limits for different usage and time windows. This can be set up on the card product and individual card level, and these limits can be adjusted at any time. For example, if you want to set up a daily transaction maximum of $500, you can do that with this feature.

Add authorized users to accounts

We added the ability to add authorized users to existing accounts and issue them debit cards. These users don’t require the same amount of KYC as account owners, so you will need to get permission from the bank if you want to add a user to an account.

Accept or reject card transactions

You can use our new Card Authorization Loop Endpoint to accept or reject a card transaction. If you add a card auth loop to your card product, the API will send an HTTP request for every card authorization. When a card authorization comes in, an HTTP POST request will be sent to the specified URL. The value returned from that request will determine if the authorization is rejected or not.

Add cards to digital wallets

We recently launched Digital Wallet tokens in beta to allow users to add cards to their iOS or Android devices, and then pay with those devices.

  • To provision with Apple Pay, you make a POST request to the appropriate endpoint, and forward the response as required by Apple Pay.
  • To provision with Google Pay, you make a POST request to the appropriate endpoint, and forward the response data as required by Google Pay.

We currently have a group of customers testing digital wallets and transacting successfully. If you’re interested in learning more, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Upgrading our platform

Due to fast growth in 2021, we’ve focused most of November on increasing the stability of our platform and getting ready to scale with the influx of customers in our pipeline. We’ve also released some small product improvements:

  • Better transaction descriptions: for ledger transaction objects (ttx_id), we used to generate transaction descriptions that only included the payment rail and the trace id. We now include who the payment came from, which helps with reconciliation and makes it easier to identify where money is coming from.
  • More visibility into transaction data: this update gives our bank partners more visibility into transaction data and lender account applications. Banks can now use the bank console to monitor fintech activity such as payments. In the future, we plan to add this to the developer dashboard so fintechs have similar visibility.

Upcoming releases

We have several exciting features and updates planned in December and the new year. Here is a peek of what we’re shipping in the upcoming months:

  • Ledger monthly statements 
  • Ledger 1099 statements
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Add funds to an account via debit card
  • Simulate ACH transactions in the Sandbox
  • Support for concurrent Consumer and Commercial debit card programs

To get more updates from Treasury Prime, subscribe to our newsletter. And if you want to take our platform for a test drive, check out our sandbox.

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