New in June: ACH Simulations in Sandbox and Increased Bank Console Security Controls

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Andy Larkins
Product Marketing Manager
July 8, 2022
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We’ve shipped some great updates to our Sandbox experience and increased security controls of the Bank Console.

ACH Simulations Available in Sandbox

Our Sandbox has been updated to allow for more accurate testing of how ACH transfers are originated, processed, and settled for accounts on the Treasury Prime ledger. This includes a /simulations endpoint to simulate money movement via ACH Credit, Debit, and account funding methods. It can also simulate the handling of ACH returns. Developers can better understand the full flow of funds and prevent errors by manually triggering an ACH into various states that may arise in the course of production money movement, allowing them to create deposits and move funds between accounts just as you would in production. 

Upcoming Improvements:

  • Wire simulations
  • Expanded card simulations

Increased Bank Console Security Controls

Bank admins can now choose whether they require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their Bank Console users. This brings enhanced security to the platform and requires users to verify their identity using secondary authentication methods.

For more information about how to best use these new features, please reach out to your CSM to learn more and if you want to get more updates like this one delivered directly to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter

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