Why Instant Payments Are Becoming Table Stakes for Businesses

Listen to our Linkedin Live audio event discussing hot topics in the embedded finance industry
February 5, 2024
How to Use Instant Payments

How do you issue payouts faster and more efficiently? How do you onboard customers faster so they can start using your payment products now? Discover new methods available now that include card rails, and bank rails like FedNow and Real-Time Payments (RTP).

Instant payment solutions are emerging as a transformative force in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. As businesses and financial institutions strive for agility, efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences, the adoption of instant payments has become an important strategic consideration.

In our Linkedin Live audio event, we navigate the nuances of instant payments, shedding light on new payment systems and the revenue potential of successful adoption. Industry leaders Gil Akos, CEO of Astra, and Kyle Costello, Senior Manager, Partnerships at Treasury Prime offer their expertise in this fascinating interactive conversation.

Gain actionable insights, learn from real-world case studies, and explore the roadmap to embracing the future of financial transactions. Listen to this conversation now.

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