Fintech Podcast: AI Fraud Detection

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Daisy Lin
Head of Content
October 20, 2023
Using AI to prevent fraud

The battle against fraud has become increasingly complex. The Federal Reserve’s Vice Chair for Supervision, Michael Barr, is warning of a looming artificial intelligence (AI) arms race between cyber attackers and those who are trying to block attacks. Barr underscores the urgency for financial institutions to make investments in generative AI to safeguard against cyberattacks.

As cybercriminals harness AI to craft intricate schemes and produce convincing deep fakes, the flip side reveals AI as a transformative instrument for real-time fraud detection and prevention. In our latest installment of the interactive ChatTPE Linkedin Live audio series, seasoned experts engage in a comprehensive dialogue, dissecting the landscape of AI-driven fraud prevention. Their insights span the realm of strategies, challenges, and cutting-edge innovations in this critical domain.

Listen in on this intriguing conversation on AI-driven fraud prevention strategies, challenges, and innovations with two industry leaders: Trisha Kothari, CEO of Unit21, and Ann Olinger, VP of product at Treasury Prime.

What are the steps that companies need to take now? How are AI fraud tools used? How do you put generative AI to work for your fraud operations teams and product development teams? Listen to this intriguing conversation now.

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