Compare the differences between Treasury Prime 
and other BaaS services.

More options, more features, more flexibility.  Discover how you can build best-in-class embedded banking products with Treasury Prime's multi-bank network and partner marketplace.

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Trusted by industry leaders
The largest bank network 15 banks and counting, makes Treasury Prime the most trusted embedded banking software platform in the industry.
A single bank or limited bank network. May not support your business model in the future, creating business continuity risk.
Multibank capabilities The industry’s only multibank solution. One tech integration, multiple banks.
No true multibank capabilities. Multiple tech integrations required for access to multiple banks.
Compliance done right Collaborate directly with your bank partner, and build a robust compliance program together.
BaaS company handles compliance. Offload compliance responsibilities to the BaaS platform, creating risk for regulatory scrutiny.
Modular platform Customize your offering using best-in-class partners.
Cookie cutter rigidity. Limited account types, features, and functionality that hinder product growth.
Dedicated FBO Your own FBO account ensures your funds are never commingled with others’.
Intermingled FBO. Your funds may be mixed with others’ in a single FBO account.
Direct access to bank partners Unblock your product development with a direct line to the bank.
No/limited access to bank partner. Putting you in the back seat when it comes to critical decisions.
Enhanced FDIC Insurance Collaborate with a partner bank to extend FDIC insurance from $250k to up to tens of millions.
Limited or no Enhanced FDIC Insurance availability. Large depositors may  be unable to mitigate risk.
Account Opening

Open FDIC insured accounts for your customers at a bank partner with whom you have a direct relationship.


Empower your account holders to send and receive payments via ACH, wire, check, debit, and more with real-time visibility and controls.

Debit Cards

Build your brand with a white-label card program that offers rewards and controls tailored
to your customers.

Account Servicing

Everything you need to administer your accounts, from statements to 1099-INTs.

Back Office Dashboard

The Treasury Prime app gives you complete control and visibility over your program.


Work directly with your bank partner to get compliance done right.