The 60-Day Check-in: Myles Ketelsen

Hear from a designer on the marketing team about his first 60 days at Treasury Prime
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August 11, 2022
60 day check-in with designer Myles Ketelsen

Myles Ketelsen joined Treasury Prime just a couple of months ago. In his short tenure, he has played a big role in refining and defining our look and feel across our website as well as conjuring up imaginative designs for company swag. Myles works from his home in Tennessee, where if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see his baby boy, Silas, on a call once in a while.

Hi Myles, what's a fun fact about yourself?

I was born in Davenport, Iowa, and have lived all over the midwest and the south, but I now live with my wife, son, and our golden retriever, Sunny, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee!

Fun fact: If I wasn’t a designer and illustrator I’d probably be a lawn barber and landscaper.

How did you hear about Treasury Prime?

I heard about Treasury Prime through my previous employer who happens to be a customer of Treasury Prime. I knew what Treasury Prime was doing from the fintech side and the idea of BaaS caught my interest in terms of potential long-term industry disruption.

What was the interview process like for you?

Thorough! I was initially contacted by our Talent Acquisition Team and that set the process off on a really good foot. I was actually in the interview process with several other companies but Treasury Prime’s team really stuck out to me with how genuine and forthright they were.

That set the trajectory for the remainder of the interviews, and the rest is history!

What made you want to join Treasury Prime?

BaaS as a whole piqued my interest after I made the transition into the fintech space in one of my previous roles. At a basic level, I understood what Treasury Prime was doing and what the potential was for long-term impact and value to the banking industry.

What initially drew me to the team was the sense of design understanding I got from Ethan Davis, our Brand Design Lead, and how we would be working together. For designers, the ability to collaborate well and flow off of one another is really important, especially at this stage in a company's life. I got the sense that Ethan and I would be able to bring high-quality work to the table and help the company get to where it needed to be in terms of visuals and identity.

Designer Myles Ketelsen at work

Talk about your role at Treasury Prime.

So far I’ve spent a good portion of my time working with the content team to get the visuals of our blog in a good place as well as a variety of marketing collateral like our conference booth materials and swag.

I get to spend a lot of my time, currently, with an Apple Pencil and iPad which is where I love being.

What was onboarding like for you?

I think I was in a bit of a unique situation coming from a company that is a Treasury Prime customer. I didn’t feel like I was starting at ground zero with very limited knowledge of the finance glossary and the world of fintech. It made this one of the easiest job transitions in my career thus far!

How have the first 60 days been for you? Any highlights that you can share?

I think my favorite part has been the fact that it’s been like I hoped and was told it would be. It gets mentioned a lot in our company Slack channels, but there really is something special about the group of people that we currently have. Between the work that I get to do, the people I work with, the potential for our company long-term, and the possibilities that design can play in shaping the narrative around Treasury Prime, there’s a lot to be excited about each day.

Did the 30 days after the first 30 days feel any different?

Not a lot — the second thirty days felt like I’d been a part of the team and company for a lot longer.

Are there any big milestones, or anything you're especially proud of that you accomplished in your first 60 days?

Solidifying an illustration style that meshes well with where our current brand is situated. On a higher level, this is something for illustrators that can be tricky to pinpoint and expand upon. Thankfully, David Thompson-Brusstar, product manager, and Ethan had laid a strong enough foundation to work with and build upon. With that nailed down, it’s been fun to develop this Treasury Prime world, if you will, where all these illustrations exist cohesively and tell a consistent story.

What are your next 30 days looking like at Treasury Prime?

One word: Busy! 

For anyone looking to join Treasury Prime, what’s one thing you’d want them to know?

If presented an offer, consider it a unique opportunity to board a ship led by doers with the right expertise to get this company to its full potential.

Treasury Prime is building a modern financial network for the future. If you're passionate about growing with a company that values its people, join us.

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